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Dental tour

Duration: from two days

Dental Tour - is a great opportunity to spend your vacation with health tourism

Our company offers you an unforgettable journey through the cradle of ancient civilization, great scientists and nations, as well as use one of the useful trends, that is gaining momentum around the world, so-called dental tourism. You will visit many historical monuments, see the centuries-old culture and taste delightful local cuisine; moreover, you will take advantage from the high-class dental services, thereby spending time with benefits not only for the soul, but also for health.

Why are dental tours so good?

Visit to dentist - is stressful, and sometimes the decision is quite difficult for several reasons. Dental tour allows you to turn an ordinary visit to a dentist may be not the brightest, but definitely more enjoyable and memorable event in your life - travelling around the country, which has preserved many historical monuments, will not be boring. You just travel and simultaneously visit the dentist and treat teeth. In addition, dental trips solve another problem - to find time for visiting the dentist. The pace of modern life is so fast, that there is simply no time to do it. Now you have a great chance to go on vacation, enjoy life and at the same time solve issues of your health.

Is it really cheaper?

When it comes to decide where and when to treat teeth, one of the determining factors is the price of services - many procedures cost rather serious amount. Dental tour will allow you to win on that as well - in Tashkent, the cost of dental treatment is much lower than the cost of similar services in Russia, Europe and many other countries, but the quality and professionalism is not inferior. For example, in dental clinics of Europe the cost of dental services is at least three times higher.

Of course, such approach to dental treatment has special conditions and one of the most important is careful preparation. To avoid potential problems, you should first send us e-mail with yours orthopantomogram (panoramic picture of the mouth).  Based on this snapshot, we can make a preliminary plan of treatment and rest, as well as the price of your tour.

Cooperation agreement with one of the best clinics in Uzbekistan will enable us to provide you with necessary assistance and help you to choose a tour, which can be easily combined with visit to the dentist. We will consider all the necessary procedures of treatment, their cost, duration and complexity.

We work only with qualified and certified professionals with experience of more than 15 years.

Our company offers the following type of dental services:




 Endodontics (root canal treatment)

 Treatment of single-channel tooth


 Two-channel tooth


 Three-channel tooth


 Four-channel tooth


 Filling - Chemical


Art restoration of teeth with composite materials

от $150

 Anchor pin




 Metal-ceramic crown


 Metal-plastic crown


 Molded crown


 Post stump filling



 Removable prosthesis:

 Dental prostheses Kvadrotti (soft plastic)


 Clasp dental prosthesis (by Brand system)


To apply for this tour e-mail us: or call:  + (99871) 286-18-19. 

Dental work examples of our highly qualified and certified professionals.

1 - Orthopedic treatment was conducted for patient - the teeth recovered by Post stump filling, with Metal-plastic crowns and molded crowns with zirconia coating.

     Dental work  Dental tour       

    orthopedic treatment

   restoration of teeth   orthopedic tooth restoration

2 - Splinting of teeth by the fixing elastic band and light hardening composite material.

    Dentistry   teeth splinting

3 – Prosthetics with metal-ceramic crowns.

      Prosthetics   Prosthetics metal-ceramic crowns

4 - Art restoration of teeth by the light hardening composite filling material.

   Art restoration of teeth   Artistic restoration of teeth

   To apply for this tour e-mail us: or call:  + (99871) 286-18-19. 

During Dental tour, you will be able to:

Visit cities such as:


  Tashkent   Chorsu   Excursions in Tashkent


Mosque in Samarkand   Samarkand St. Daniel   Samarkand


Ark Bukhara Bukhara   mausoleum of the Samanids


Khiva  Khiva Ichan Kala  Ichan - kala   

 Go to trekking in the mountains:

 Chimgan mountains  Charvak   Chimgan

 And even paraglide:

paragliding   paragliders   The paraglider

Details of the trip to the mountains and paragliding can be found here:

Also, you can try the variety of Uzbek cuisine:

Pilaf    shurpa  Shish kebab

Details of gastronomic tour can be found here:

To apply for this tour email us or call:  + (99871) 286-18-19.


The cost includes:

Cost does not include:


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